Manage a range of services for Cisco’s APAC Network Systems and Security Marketing Groups:

  • Build detailed country-by-country plans.
  • Track the progress of execution milestones across all virtual teams.
  • Compile and measure metrics across all markets.
  • Prepare a detailed communications plan for all the stakeholders to track plans, progress and achievements.

Manage Cisco Systems’ Diamond Sponsorship at IDC Asia-Pacific Security and Continuity        Conferences 2007:

  • Negotiate with IDC’s programme manager the terms and conditions of Cisco's Diamond Sponsorship to maximise influence and measure results.
  • Manage IDC’s programme to drive attendance including advertising and telemarketing activities, as well as creating an e-invite.
  • Liaise with IDC on all aspects of Cisco branding including onsite signage, conference-bag materials, and uploading Cisco material to the IDC conference site (Cisco logo, corporate URL, company profile, presentation synopsis, speaker photo, speaker bio and speaker-presentation slides).
  • Liaise with Cisco’s Security Solutions team (APAC) and their in-country marketing teams on pre-event survey questions, speaker selection, Cisco security messaging and positioning, presentation content and localisation, channel partner and customer selection, demo-in-a-box recommendations, conference-bag materials and premiums, table-top promotions and premiums, lucky-draw logistics and delegate-feedback form.
  • Develop a region-wide marketing-communications strategy to drive attendance and maximise programme results.
  • Develop an integrated event-briefing document for Cisco in-country marketing teams – including campaign flow, objectives, roles and responsibilities, action list and timeline, and an integrated-marketing-campaign checklist to maximise Cisco ROI with heavy emphasis on post-event follow-up campaign strategy.
  • Develop presentation content and edit presentations to ensure consistent messaging and branding.
  • Manage a post-event follow-up campaign including a call to action and process for routing event leads.
  • Manage onsite logistics including speaker A/V requirements and tabletop displays.
  • Manage post-event activities including liaising with IDC on the leads database, a post-event report, an e-thank you message, and a case study to be posted on Cisco’s website.
  • Organise a post-event debrief meeting with all Cisco and IDC stakeholders.

Manage Cisco Systems’ TelePresence Roundtable Series for C-suite executives in Hong Kong and Singapore:

  • Formulate an integrated-marketing-campaign strategy with the client to identify C-suite prospects, invite them to the roundtables and encourage them to attend.
  • Serve as the regional agency gatekeeper with an affiliate agency in Hong Kong.
  • Develop and manage all aspects of the creative direct-marketing campaign including designing, copywriting and producing a direct-mail piece, invite card and related packaging.
  • Develop a dedicated event micro-site, registration page and e-invite including all copywriting.
  • Scrub Cisco’s databases and supplement them by renting out names from APC’s proprietary database of potential
    C-suite prospects.
  • Manage the direct-marketing campaign including packaging the DMs, sending the DMs, and telemarketing to the target prospect database.
  • Manage the RSVPs in Hong Kong and Singapore.